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NEM Pocket Sample Pack - OO Gauge

NEM Pocket Sample Pack - OO Gauge

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When you need to convert your rolling stock and want to expand your choice of couplers, our sample pack is a great way to explore your options. It includes all of the NEM Pocket products that we offer, so whether you're looking for a specific length or style of coupling, this is the pack for you!

Try out all the pockets in this sample pack and pick the sets that work the best for you. Then order the pockets that work for you in larger quantities from our website by typing in their part numbers into the search bar



  • Remove the original coupler/coupler socket

    (Depending on your rolling stock, minor alterations such as cutting to remove the old coupling may be required for successful fitting. Please ensure you are comfortable doing so before choosing to update to our NEM pocket. We are not responsible for any damage that may be incurred.)

  • Plug the coupling of choice into one of our NEM pockets

  • Apply the NEM pocket of choice onto your rolling stock


Materials: ABS-like Resin

Samples Included: (See relevant listing pictures for dimensions.)

  • 2x pairs - NEM Screw-on - (NEMSCR5-OO, NEMSCR10-OO)

  • 2x pairs - NEM 2mm Pin - (NEM2MM5-OO, NEM2MM10-OO)

  • 2x pairs - NEM Block - (NEMBLO5-OO, NEMBLO10-OO)



Can I use glue? - Yes, you can glue these pockets. All of our NEM pockets are made from a type of resin that responds well to fast-acting glues, like superglue or modelling glues. Apply a dab of superglue to wherever you want the pocket to sit and then drop the pocket in place.