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NEM Screw-on Pockets - OO Gauge

NEM Screw-on Pockets - OO Gauge

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NEM Screw-on Pockets: Coupling Freedom

Unlock a whole new world of possibilities for your rolling stock with NEM Screw-on Pockets.

Upgrade your rolling stock with our easy-to-use, NEM362 compatible pocket range and open up the possibilities to a wide range of coupling choices, including but not limited to; Hornby, Piko HO, Kadee and West Hill Wagon Works' HUNT couplings.

With our NEM362 compatible screw-on design, you no longer have to stick to rolling stock of the same coupler type and have the freedom to choose the NEM coupling of your choice!

Made from durable resin plastic, our NEM Screw-on Pockets are a great way to convert your rolling stock from its original couplings to the modern NEM standard by removing the pre-existing coupling and installing our pocket in its place.

Revolutionize your rolling stock today!



  • Remove the original coupler/coupler socket

    (Depending on your rolling stock, minor alterations such as cutting to remove the old coupling may be required for successful fitting. Please ensure you are comfortable doing so before choosing to update to our NEM pocket. We are not responsible for any damage that may be incurred.)

  • Apply the NEM screw-on onto your rolling stock by attaching it with a screw to your model. (screws not included)

  • Plug the coupling of choice into one of our NEM screw-on pockets


Materials: Black ABS-like Resin

Package Includes: Either 5x pairs or 10x pairs pockets - Depending on which option you choose.

Part Number: x5 (NEMSCR5-OO), x10 (NEMSCR10-OO)



What screws should I use? - We would recommend M2 screws at no more than 4mm in length. The length will depend on where you intend to attach the screws and you may find that a longer screw will work better for you. Most of our customers screw into the bogies or chassis of their rolling stock and find that a 4mm M2 screw works just fine.

Can I use glue? - Yes, you can glue these pockets. All of our NEM pockets are made from a type of resin plastic that responds well to fast-acting glues, like superglue or modelling glues. However, they were designed initially for screws to go through the hole. We do have alternative NEM pockets which are just the NEM socket without any connections that the end-user then mounts to a flat surface. You simply apply a dab of superglue to wherever you want the pocket to sit and then drop the pocket in place.

See our NEM Block, NEM 2mm Pin and NEM Sample Pack.


Do you do a sample of the NEM Pockets? - We do offer a sample pack, which is the perfect way to test out our entire range of NEM pockets to trial and test-fit to figure out which pockets suit your needs best.


We have adapters compatible with most major brands and models, including some never made to the NEM362 standard. We have a range of NEM designs to choose from.

Explore the full range: NEM362 Pockets